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Your All-in-One Solution for Marketing Agencies

Legacy Funnel is your comprehensive platform specifically for agencies. It is a one-stop shop for all the tools you need to streamline your agency. Zoho offers a suite of diverse applications for small to medium-sized businesses, but Legacy allows SMB's to scale beyond what they even thought possible.

No More Duct-Taping Your Lead Gen Systems & Processes

Capture leads via landing pages, forms, calendars, or inbound phone calls. Nurture leads via calls, SMS, emails, Messenger. Close leads with our built-in tools for payments and analytics (including call tracking and voice recordings). You can also create landing pages, webinar funnels, set up automated follow-up campaigns, and schedule appointments--all right within LegacyFunnel, eliminating the need to pay for and manage a cumbersome suite of separate services.

Built for Fast-Growing Agencies

Set up countless workflows and automations to streamline your agency and eliminate tedious, repetitive tasks. You can train new employees on LegacyFunnel in under an hour. Plus, you can add as many staff users, contacts, and sub-accounts as you want, all for one monthly fee.

Sell Courses, Memberships, And Digital Products

Offer unlimited users, video hosting, and products with LegacyFunnel. This ensures that there are no limits on how agencies can make money and diversify their revenue streams.

The Real Opportunity for Digital Agencies & Entrepreneurs

While Zoho offers versatility, it is built for SMBs, not agencies. On the other hand, Legacy is built specifically for digital agencies with features, including

  • Unified sales processes: Efficient CRM and pipeline management tools.

  • Unlimited marketing funnels: Craft as many funnels as your campaigns demand.

  • Intuitive editor: Design landing pages, forms, and surveys with ease.

  • Targeted email marketing: Reach your audience with personalized campaigns.

  • Direct 2-way SMS marketing: Engage directly with your clients and leads.

  • Efficient scheduling capabilities: Organize meetings and appointments seamlessly.

  • Automated workflows: Streamline your processes and eliminate repetitive, manual tasks for maximum efficiency.

  • Sell online courses, digital products, and membership sites: Expand your offerings.

  • In-depth marketing analytics: Gain insights and drive better decisions.

  • Reputation management: Ensure your brand's online image remains pristine.

  • Customizable mobile app: Offer a branded experience to your clientele.

  • White-Label SaaS revenue stream: Build a recurring revenue business without having to write any code.

All these features come at a competitive price point, making LegacyFunnel a top choice for agencies and entrepreneurs looking for a comprehensive solution.

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